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A Career with Alexandria Professional

Making the Best AP Educator Career Choice For YOU!

Over the years, AP has tried and tested several ways in which to market its education, products and services. Some worked for short periods; some are still in effect while others simply went by the wayside. What continues to remain an industry anchor for AP is the passion many educators and me share for what we represent. Together we will continue to pound the sidewalks of our industry and we will succeed to a level where Alexandria Professional, Advanced Sugaring and education become synonymous to each other in schools and in general across the board.

The key to YOUR success is for you to define what you are:
• WILLING to do

Simple as that! Time, money, travel, speaking, educating (the one that keeps you connected through your passion), bouncing off rejection, managing your money, hustling until you reach your first comfort target $$$, believing and doing everything to reach your goals, making choices and sometimes sacrifices all play a part in your selection… that is to say they SHOULD all play a part in your selection. The reality of choosing to become an EE has the potential for big financial success and it will require all of the above from you. Be honest with yourself – the choice you make will be the right one so don’t fret and don’t stress! We will work together…

OCE On-Call Educator – Generally this will be our most popular selection. That is because an OCE can spend all their time in their salon/spa performing treatments and taking care of their clients. It is also very difficult to walk away from the revenue you can generate through your clients. By choosing to be an OCE, you retain 100% of your revenue stream as a practitioner and you continue to share your passion with other through performing classes for AP. You have no responsibilities to arrange classes, to look for students, to do cold calls, to service accounts, etc… your only responsibility is to perform our classes as a #1 AP Educator by following our protocols. You will submit class documents after the class and your responsibility will end there.

You will need to commit to being available for a minimum of 6 classes per year.

NAPPA Educator -Selecting to work with our NAPPA Program means that you are choosing to give more time of yourself to AP’s development. For this selection, you will be responsible to find and to set up beauty schools/academies onto our NAPPA Program (North America Partnership Program for Academies) including the Rewards System. You will be responsible to demo to the schools, teach all of our classes – some with class fees and some mini classes for FREE. You will be responsible to create an ongoing strong relation with the schools you bring into the NAPPA Program. Scheduling will be crucial so that no school suffers from your unavailability. You will need to schedule their needs crossed-referenced with your salon clients’ needs to ensure you are successful all around. It is a question of your organizational skills – nothing more and nothing less.

You will have a choice as to how many schools you wish to work with. If you only want to work with 1 school and make it a strong partnership with only that one… it is your choice. All that matters to AP is that you enjoy what you are doing with your AP career and that all AP patrons are very pleased to be a part of us too.

Another choice would be to select to become both an OCE and a NAPPA Educator while maintaining your salon clients. Again, be honest with yourself, analyze your personal life situation, your goals and set a plan of action for yourself!

Executive Educator -There are 3 basic compartments that need emphasis and focus by an EE.
Cont… EE
1) Market Development of Salons and Schools
2) Qualifying OCE (On-Call Educators)
3) Servicing Accounts

This is the highest educator position AP has to offer. If you select this career option, you are choosing to work fulltime as an AP Educator. Being an EE is more than being an Educator; it means that you agree to be responsible for market development. You will orchestrate OCEs into classes that you solicit and set-up. You will perform many market tasks, demos, cold calls, trade shows and more importantly, you will be dedicated to it and committed to reach your financial comfort zone so that you can continue to develop with AP effectively and long-term.

Choosing this career path means you have vision… short-term and long-term and you are ready to do what it takes because of your passion to the AP systems, your loyalty to AP and your belief in yourself. Being here is simply being ready and not afraid to be afraid. It is a choice like all other choices. You must be honest with yourself and be willing and available. You will invest a lot of your time and will be expected to do so.

You will be responsible for acquiring a minimum of 6 schools on the NAPPA Program, teaching at least 6 OCEs, and generally thinking, breathing AP development for most of your time until you reach your comfort zone and work towards greater targets.

This will be the least favored option due to the level of time commitment, self-motivation and steadfast stand required to succeed as an EE.

A registrant must meet the following pre-qualification requirements in order to become approved
to participate in Alexandria’s Educator course.

1. Be a professional in the health, beauty and/or wellness industry
2. Be an active practitioner who has been providing advanced sugaring services for a minimum of six months and a minimum of 15 hours per week.
3. Have their sugaring technique and theory evaluated by an Executive Educator.
4. Attend the AP Educator course.
5. Assist an Executive Educator in a minimum of two- three practitioner classes.

To get more information please email info@alexandriapro.com